For Indian women, Salwar Suit is quintessential daily wear. Their wardrobe is incomplete without this Indian attire. No matter what the occasion is, most women prefer adorning this outfit. Whether it’s a regular day at the office, a school uniform, a wedding, a pooja, a festive celebration, or simply a dinner, Indian Salwar Suit is one of their top choices.  

The traditional Suit top is a loose-fitting, knee-length tunic with long sleeves. The tunic is worn by pulling it over the head through a round neckline that has a front slit.

The Salwar Suit is usually paired with a long, sheer fabric scarf or shawl known as a dupatta, which is either draped across the neck or over the head. Decorative patterns may also be embroidered around the neckline, sleeves, hems and side slits of the outfit.